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The Yada Bluetooth Hands-Free contest

The Yada Bluetooth Hands-Free contest
Yada and And Now You Know are teaming up for a fun contest just in time for the holidays: Tell us your distracted driver horror story – the one where you were cut off, had to slam on your brakes or veer at the last minute because someone else just couldn’t keep their eyes and ears off their cell while driving – in the comments below! The best story wins a Bluetooth hands-free device... 

Zune Unboxing

Honestly I don’t understand the obsession, but I know a lot of people just love unboxing, so here’s my unboxing of the 80GB Zune in pictures:  Read More →

Zune comes to Canada – and we’re testing it!

Zune comes to Canada - and we're testing it!
You might have heard of the Zune – Microsoft’s “iPod Killer” that came out in the US in 2006. Many wondered when (and if) this media player would cross the border. Well, now we have an answer: Some time this spring (“spring” defined as between March and May so I’m guessing late April). But what is the Zune? And is it better or equivalent to the iPod? We sat... 

Turok Inverview

For the release of Turok, members of the Propaganda development team participated in a Future Shop chat event at the store in downtown Vancouver. We were there to talk to them and get the facts on the highly anticipated game.  Read More →

The iPod Touch Experience

I asked my friend Sean (lost to the Dark Side and now an avid Mac fanboi) to write a real-user review of the iPod Touch after reading his countless incessant ravings about the device on Facebook. Needless to say he’s head-over-heals in love with his new shiny toy (much to the dismay of his wife I’m sure) but he also has some good points. Anyway, here’s his review: I’ve been... 

Watch Akash on Breakfast Television Wednesday October 10th

Watch Akash on Citytv Vancouver’s Breakfast Television with Simi Sara and Dave Gerry Wednesday October 10th at around 8am channel 13 . He will be covering the latest and greatest in gadgets and technology for the summer. Read on for the complete list of gadgets including a golf watch, the ultra slim Dyson vacuum and a catchers mask that might just save your head.  Read More →

The iPod Death Clock – how long does your iPod have to live?

Ever wonder when the battery in your iPod will roll over and die on you? Well, no need to live with the worry any more. The people of have devised an iPod Death Clock that will tell you how long you can continue using your shiny toy before you have to start looking for someone to replace the battery. By entering the iPod’s serial number and your usage habits the iPod Death Clock... 

Microsoft ramps up for the Holiday Season

Microsoft ramps up for the Holiday Season
We were invited to a small schmooze fest with Microsoft today to take a look at their offerings for the upcoming holiday season and talk about their current products. It was a nice little affair in a room on the top floor of a downtown hotel where we were presented with four different sections of the Microsoft brand targeted to the home consumer market. Stay tuned in the following weeks as we’ll... 

If you want to buy a laptop, Labour Day is the time!

Just a quick tip: Both Future Shop and Best Buy have crazy deals on laptops this Labour Day weekend. So if you are looking for a cheap decent laptop (Mac excluded) you should really head out to one of the big boxes in the next few days and get your hands on one. Some specs to consider when buying:  Make sure it’s a Core 2 Duo processor The laptop should have at least 1GB of RAM The hard drive... 

Future Shop Community Forums – Share Your Tech Savvy

The store that claims to carry everything tech (they don’t) and to have all the info you need to make an informed decision (they definitely don’t) have realized they need some help on the knowledge front and started a forum. Normally I wouldn’t bother posting something like this – most tech shops have a user forum – but Future Shop is a more mainstream shop where people... 
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